Available Datasets

Here we provide information about the datasets that are currently implemented in the SMEFiT global analysis framework

Top-quark production data

In the table below we collect the experimental measurements of inclusive top quark pair production at the LHC considered currently implemented in SMEFiT. For each dataset we indicate label, the center of mass energy \(\sqrt{s}\) and the integrated luminosity \(\mathcal{L}\), the final state or the specific production mechanism, the available observables, the number of data points \(n_{\rm dat}\), and the publication reference.

work in progress

Inclusive top quark pair production datasets






8 TeV, 20.3 \({\rm fb}^{-1}\), lepton+jets

\(d\sigma/d|y_{t}|\), \(d\sigma/dm_{t\bar{t}}\), \(d\sigma/d|y_{t\bar{t}}|\)